About Me

I am a professional media freelancer who specialists in film production. I have recently moved to Perth Western Australia from Liverpool England and I am looking on making a break into a production company with anything there is to offer, unpaid internships, volunteer or runner.
I would describe myself as being a self motivated, hard working individual who excels at working as part of a team or independently using my own initiative. I am passionate about all aspects of film from pre-production, production and post. I like to refer to past cinematic creations through research but also keep up to date on what artistic break through are up and coming in 21st century cinema. A lover of the blockbuster I also have an appreciation for European styling of film making and prefare to converge them both for my own particular style of film making. I have a natural eye for cinematography, composition and also recognising an interesting script.
Throughout my years of being a member of the renowned Liverpool Youth Theatre, The New Everyman Youth Theatre (NEYT) and studying film and television I have touched upon all aspects. Acting, directing, editing, set design, lighting and sound but I have excelled and showed creative excellence within the producing side of pre-production.
Many years of retail experience alongside pursuing a career in media, has given me the skills of excellent customer service, being a creative and dynamic team member, highly organised with a positive work ethic. Working alongside global fashion brands has given me respect for my peers and able to take direction and be the best brand ambassador I can be.
As an impact of my lifestyle I have an extensive collection of sneakers and DVDs.


Video Production, Production Management and Coordination, Creative Direction, Progress and Timeline Management, Budgeting, Travel Arrangement/Booking, Office Support, Event Planning, Production and Publicity, Talent Acquisition, Performance, Presentation, excellent communication skills, Self-starter, hard, Self contained worker.