The Thing

One of the most effective film trailers ever made in my opinion and a classic of a film, John Carpenter at his best. This is one of the only few films that calls out for a pre-qual and to my excitement… one was made! Release date in Australia of the 13th October 2011 I was so excited I booked my ticket online and arrived 15 minutes early.

It pains me to say it but I have to say I was disappointed, the over use of CGI was disappointing as the point of The Thing is that the audience are not supposed to know what ‘it’ is. There is also a space ship involved in this film which seems far to advanced for the creature inhabiting it. I was pleased they kept the macguffin being the dog but there is a set up 10 minutes into the film and the play off is during the end credits. I personally would of liked to see more of the dog with the protagonist then a sense of betrayal towards to end.

If you are going to make a pre-qual of such a high rated film it is best to take a leaf out Rupert Wyatt’s book and produce something of this caliber.

A truly brilliant pre-qual. A credit to Franklin J.Schaffner’s 1968 original release. If all pre-quals are made like this one we are defiantly going to see more of them around.

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