Since moving to Australia I have had the opportunity of working with a wonderful crew on this beautifully written short film Polarised, which is a heart warming story about a young girl blossoming into adult hood with a good few laughs along the way.

It was premiered and the renowned Bohemia Outdoor Cinema at the Film and Television Institute Fremantle to an audience of near 500 and some very important people from the film and television industry across the whole of Australia, such as Screen Australia and Screen West.

The main star of the show is a lovely young lady, Olivia Dejonge who won best actress in the Western Australia Screen Awards 2011 for her role in Mazier Lahooti’s ‘The Good Pretender’. She was also nominated for Best Young Actor in the Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts (AACTA) awards 2012. Another rising star to watch out for in this production is Caderyn Goldsmith, a little gentleman, and a true character.

Next stop for this production is film festivals and hopefully a nomination at the WA Screen Awards. If you would like to hear more about Polarised please feel free to visit the links below and leave you feed back or even just say Hi.


With in this production I was giving the roles of Production Assistant and Stills Photographer which were also used for continuity, Here are a couple of them images.

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As predicted there has been news of another prequel in production, and yet again it is of an absolute classic of a film, Alien.

However I believe this one will be different to the other prequels recently made as this is involving the original director Ridley Scott, which he revealed in an interview back in 2010. It wasn’t until January 2011 that the name of the prequel was released, it is to the be called Prometheus.

There has been talk of a fifth installment to the Alien franchise which was going to explore the origins of the ‘Alien’ which was originally being worked on by James Cameron however he decided to drop the movie after hearing that fox was pursuing the Alien vs Predator franchise.

Within this prequel Ridley Scott has decided to explore the origins of the ‘Space Jockey’ which briefly appeared in the first Alien film. The story is set 30 years prior to the original movie and the role of the Alien will not be played by the original creature!

This film wants to explore ‘how did we humans come about’, exploring ‘gods and engineers’ of the universe! Were the Aliens themselves designed as a form of biological warfare. As a means to ‘clean up’ a planet?…

There has been talk it being produced as a 3D film which personally I think will just ruin it.

There has been rumours that this production is not a prequel to Alien as it is so different from the original, however screen writer Damon Lindelof claimed that it will be but with a different storyline… “a true prequel should essentially [precede] the events of the original film, but be about something entirely different, feature different characters, have an entirely different theme, although it takes place in that same world. That was my fundamental feeling about what this movie wanted to be”.

This comment alone has made me extremely excited, can not wait for the release! I feel this quote also explains why The Thing prequel was such a flop. Its was exactly the same as the original.

(Source Dark Horizons)

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The Thing

One of the most effective film trailers ever made in my opinion and a classic of a film, John Carpenter at his best. This is one of the only few films that calls out for a pre-qual and to my excitement… one was made! Release date in Australia of the 13th October 2011 I was so excited I booked my ticket online and arrived 15 minutes early.

It pains me to say it but I have to say I was disappointed, the over use of CGI was disappointing as the point of The Thing is that the audience are not supposed to know what ‘it’ is. There is also a space ship involved in this film which seems far to advanced for the creature inhabiting it. I was pleased they kept the macguffin being the dog but there is a set up 10 minutes into the film and the play off is during the end credits. I personally would of liked to see more of the dog with the protagonist then a sense of betrayal towards to end.

If you are going to make a pre-qual of such a high rated film it is best to take a leaf out Rupert Wyatt’s book and produce something of this caliber.

A truly brilliant pre-qual. A credit to Franklin J.Schaffner’s 1968 original release. If all pre-quals are made like this one we are defiantly going to see more of them around.

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Secret Harbour

This is an image I took of Secret Harbour beach a 5 minute walk from where I am currently living. I have decided to move to Perth WA as I believe it is a beautiful location for many a film and there is many opportunities to progress in a persons chosen career.

Although I have relocated I am still Producing for Vito Film Productions and Garden Shed Media. I have organised actors and locations for the filming of another Heights music video via social networking sites and emails. I will upload the video as soon as it is finished.

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The Skinny Boys

Another Liverpool band that have asked the Garden Shed Media label to produce them a music video is The Skinny Boys. The proposal was to keep the video simple and give it a moody atmosphere. The role given to me was Assistant Director. The Producer/Director and I decided on the location and which shots would be most suited for the proposal. The boys are really happy with what we have produced and are wanting to work with the label again.

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I Have a Bad Feeling About This

I recently helped out with a small budget production ‘I Have a Bad Feeling About This’ Produced by Hap-Hazard Productions.  I have been First Camera Assistant on the producing of the trailer for the film. Hopefully the trailer is going to promote the film and help fund the production of the feature film. Give the website a look and see the making of and the finished trailer. http://www.badfeelingfilm.com

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Keith Hill

Keith Hill is a student studying in his 1st year at Sheffield University. He is a keen dancer and was looking to produce a portfolio in order to get into a modelling career while studying.

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